Kromaplast produces and sells a wide range of edges and profiles for furniture in various materials, colors and finishes: edges and profiles for furniture in ABS, PP, paper and laminate, suitable for different types of furniture, even curved and shaped.

Quality and technology

For the realization of our edges and profiles for furniture we always start from the initial request of the customer: based on the type of furniture to be finished, we evaluate the best solution in terms of material, color and texture to find the edges and profiles that best match with each piece of furniture; to garantee the quality of our products we use selected suppliers with whom we have long established a relationship of trust and use only selected raw materials, controlled upstream of the entire production chain, upon their arrival in the warehouse.

Always looking at technological research and aesthetics allows us to offer edges and profiles for functional and safe furniture, in line with market trends and suitable for all tastes and needs.


The Kromaplast furniture border proposal is divided into:

Edges and profiles in Paper/Melamine

These are edges and profiles in paper covered with melamine resins; with a smooth and resistant surface, they offer good resistance to abrasion and heat. Suitable for any type of processing in edge finishing, they are the economical alternative to plastic edges and profiles.

Polypropylene (PP) edges and profiles

The polypropylene edges combine environmental compatibility with high performance; in fact, this particular polymer offers excellent resistance to temperatures, acids, solvents, light and humidity, it is non-toxic and odorless. Compared to other plastic polymers, polypropylene is naturally more flexible and resistant.

Laminate edges and profiles

Obtained from the lamination of melamine papers supported by kraft paper and parchments. Excellent resistance to abrasion and chemicals, these edges are particularly resistant and hygienic.

ABS edges and profiles

Among the most resistant and light solutions at the same time, the edges and profiles for furniture in ABS have excellent resistance to thermal, mechanical and wear stresses, maintain a homogeneous color and do not fear agents chemicals or light.